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Lisa Ellis has FAR LEFT Liberal Values!

She will force the radical left's agenda on OUR CHILDREN, including school closures, mask mandates, and critical race theory.


We can't let that happen!

Lisa Ellis: She Doesn't Know

Lisa Ellis' Radical Record

Opposed Reopening South Carolina Schools In 2020


In July 2020 Ellis Said In-Person Teaching Shouldn’t Occur Due To COVID-19 Cases. “With the scheduled start of school just a month away, teachers worried about South Carolina's rising COVID-19 cases are asking for clearer guidance on how to resume classes safely - including mandatory mask wearing and whether students should return at all. … Lisa Ellis, founder of the online advocacy group SC for Ed, said that means in-classroom learning shouldn't resume anywhere in the state yet.” (Source: Charleston Post & Courier, 7/14/20)


Ellis “Cried Throughout” South Carolina’s Governor’s Announcement On School Re-Openings Because “He Has Put Us In The Position Of Being The Sacrificial Lambs In Order To Get The Economy Going.” “After S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster and legislative leaders pushed for schools to reopen for in-person classes following Labor Day, teachers groups pushed back, citing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as a threat to them and children. … Lisa Ellis, the founder of the group, said she cried throughout McMaster's press conference. ‘He has put us in the position of being the sacrificial lambs in order to get the economy going.’ Ellis said.” (Source: The State, 7/15/20)


In July 2020 Ellis Led A “Motorcade Protest” Against School Re-Openings. “Teachers protested that request Monday afternoon during a motorcade protest, They blared their horns as they drove by the Governor's Mansion and Statehouse. (Source: Charleston Post & Courier, 7/28/20)


In December 2020 Ellis Called For A Return to Online-Only Classes. “As COVID-19 cases continue to climb in South Carolina, one of the state's most prominent teacher advocacy groups is doubling down on its push for districts to return to online-only classes. SC for Ed, the group that organized the 10,000-strong march on the Statehouse steps last year, urged teachers and community members to change their profile pictures on social media to implore districts to consider implementing virtual learning as coronavirus cases reach record-setting levels in the state. … SC for Ed is asking schools to switch to virtual learning until the pandemic is brought under control in part because of health concerns, said founder Lisa Ellis.” (Source: Charleston Post & Courier, 12/9/20) 


Supports School Mask Mandates


Ellis And Her Group, SC For Ed, “Advocated For School Mask Requirements.” “Ellis, a teacher and student activities director at Blythewood High School in Richland 2, appears to have eked out a majority of the vote in the three-way Democratic primary. … She is best known for founding SC for Ed, a progressive teachers group that in 2019 marched on the State House to demand better pay and working conditions for South Carolina educators. The group, which boasts more than 30,000 members on Facebook, also advocated for school mask requirements and extended virtual learning options due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” (Source: The State, 6/15/22)


Supports Teaching Critical Race Theory


In June 2020 Ellis Attended A Protest In Columbia, South Carolina That Wanted To “Decolonize Education.” “Several hundred people gathered at the state Department of Education and marched to the Statehouse in the late morning, chanting ‘black lives matter’ and ‘our students matter’ as they walked the couple of blocks down Senate Street. Some of the signs read ‘black students' lives matter,’ ‘decolonize education,’ and ‘know justice know peace.’ … Lisa Ellis, founder of the teachers' advocacy group SC for Ed, said she came to the event to support calls for racial and funding equity.” (Seanna Adcox, “From Teachers Outside SC Statehouse To Lowcountry Marches, Protesters Don't Let Up,” (Source: Charleston Post & Courier, 6/14/20)


Ellis Opposes Legislation Banning Critical Race Theory. (, Accessed 7/11/22)

Lisa Ellis: Progressive Champion

Lisa Ellis openly campaigned with “Our Revolution”, an American progressive political action organization spun out of Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign to continue its work.


Our Revolution advocates for electing progressive champions up and down the ballot – from county commissioners to Members of Congress like Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush.

(Source: YouTube, 7/9/22)


Lisa Ellis founded “The Most Liberal Teachers Organization” in South Carolina
(Source: Post & Courier, 5/3/22)


Supported Teacher Walkouts Despite Opposition From Other Teachers Organizations:


In 2019 SC For Ed Organized A Walkout Of 10,000 Teachers In South Carolina, Leading To Seven School Districts Cancelling School For The Day. “Greenville County teacher Erica McCall was among about 10,000 teachers and supporters who wore red and carried signs Wednesday as they called for more pay and better working conditions. … Seven school districts canceled classes because so many teachers were absent: Sumter County, Chester County, Colleton County, Dorchester County School District 2, Lexington-Richland School District 5, and Richland County Districts 1 and 2. … Duncan Chapel Elementary School teachers Lindsey Finley, Taylor Long and Patricia Enfinger were among those who took a leave of absence to participate in the rally organized by the advocacy group SC for Ed.” (Source: Greenville News, 5/1/19)


Opposes Teacher Merit Pay


Ellis Opposes Instituting Merit Pay For Teachers. “A section that required the SC Department of Education to study teacher pay schedules was deleted from the bill after teachers expressed concern about getting paid on performance instead of experience. Ellis added, ‘That opens the door for merit pay or pay per performance and traditionally that is tied to test scores. And testing isn't a true measure of a student's success or a teacher's success.’” (Source: WSPA-TV, 2/26/19)


Opposes School Choice


Ellis “Opposes Educational Scholarship Accounts, Which Would Give Parents Funding They Can Use Toward A Private Education For Their Children.” “Among her policy stances, Ellis promotes keeping public funds in public schools and opposes educational scholarship accounts, which would give parents funding they can use toward a private education for their children. She also wants to increase the number of mental health professionals in schools, raise teacher salaries and reduce testing not required by federal law.” (Source: Charleston Post & Courier, 6/5/22)


Ellis Opposes Legislation Banning Critical Race Theory. (, Accessed 7/11/22)

Ellis Compared Opponents of Critical Race Theory to the "Klan." (Source:, 7/22/21)


Ellis Supported Impeaching President Donald Trump. (Source:, 2/12/21)


Ellis Supports Raising Taxes. (Source: Twitter, accessed 7/11/22)

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